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5 Most Common Golf Cart Repair Sacramento

Electric Golf Cart Repair Sacramento | Golf Cart Maintenance

While COVID-19 has shut down many activities this year, outdoor activities have thrived. That means people have been out and about using their electric golf carts more than ever! Remember, golf carts are not just for the golf course, and people have been utilizing their carts to the max. Sacramento’s best electric golf cart repair and sales store, Electric Golf Car Company, wants to remind Sacramento that we are here to help you with any electric golf cart repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

Common Electric Golf Cart Repairs

To be honest, as long as they are not abused, your electric golf cart should have few repair issues. However, as with everything, time takes a toll. There are some common elements that eventually need repair or replacing on an electric golf cart, simply because they wear out.

5 Most Common Electric Golf Cart Repairs

  1. Batteries-won’t hold a charge, or is dead
  2. Body/Suspension/Tires-worn out or broken
  3. Ignition-won’t start, but battery is charged
  4. Speed Controller-starts, but doesn’t maintain speed or doesn’t accelerate properly
  5. Solenoid-won’t start, acceleration issues, no “clicking” when you press the accelerator

As you can see, many of these issues have similar symptoms. If you are having any kind of trouble starting or driving your electric golf cart, bring it in for expert and quick diagnosis. Are service team is experienced at troubleshooting these problems, so we can save you time and money.

Prevent Electric Golf Cart Repairselectric golf cart repair sacramento

Most of these repairs can be prevented quite easily. Obviously, to avoid repairs to the body, suspension, and tires of your golf cart, drive it properly. Most of these types of repairs, which can get expensive, happen when people try to “joy ride” their golf cart. Look, we know how it is…golf carts are FUN to drive, and it is so tempting to race them around the golf course at full tilt, or run them off the road, but that is basically just asking for an expensive repair.

Best Ways to Prevent Golf Cart Repairs

  1. Drive it properly (don’t take it off-roading if it isn’t set up for that!)
  2. Do your annual maintenance

These are very simple recommendations to follow, but will go a long ways towards keeping your golf cart out of the repair shop.

IF you want to drive it faster, or off-road, Electric Golf Car Company is happy to help upgrade your cart. For this, we would recommend suspension and tires. This will truly give your cart the capability you are looking for, upgrade the ride, and prevent a nasty repair. If you’re going to end up spending the money one way or another, might as well spend it upgrading your golf car instead of repairing it.

Quite simply, the rest of these common repairs can be avoided with annual maintenance. When you come in for our annual golf cart maintenance service, we do a complete inspection on all components of your electric golf car. In this way, we can recommend a repair or replacement BEFORE you have an issue when you need your golf cart the most.


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Electric Golf Cart Repair Sacramento | Golf Cart Maintenance



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