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Have You Done Your Annual Electric Golf Cart Maintenance?

Electric Golf Cart Maintenance Sacramento | Golf Cart Maintenance and Repair

Overall, maintaining an electric golf car is pretty simple. The biggest mistake people make? Not doing simple annual electric golf cart maintenance at all! It can be easy to put off basic maintenance on your golf cart. However, rest assured, the best way to keep your electric golf cart running right is with simple annual maintenance.

What Annual Electric Golf Cart Maintenance is Needed?

One of the best things about an electric golf cart is that they are relatively maintenance free. However, that does not mean that there is NO maintenance. The Electric Golf Car Company of Rocklin and Sacramento has a 20-point Annual Maintenance Inspection to ensure all the important components are in good working order.

Some of the main items in our annual golf cart Maintenance Inspection include:

  • Inspect headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals
  • Check tires for wear and damage
  • Inspect battery, cables, and terminals
  • Provide a complete brake shoes inspection for wear and remaining life
  • Check all ball joints
  • Check rear end and engine oil

Lead Acid Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

One of the most important maintenance items on an electric golf cart is the battery. Of course, this is the powerhouse of your golf cart, and overall, maintenance is quite simple. A couple of tips for your lead-acid electric golf cart battery maintenance:

  1. Use the correct charger…it is important that you are charging correctly, as well as performing refresh charges.
  2. Water levels in your battery are critical!! This should be checked more than once a year. ONLY USE DISTILLED WATER.
  3. Ensure that all connections are secure and tight fitting. Loose connections will cause problems.
  4. Also make sure that terminals and connections are clean and free of dirt, mud, and debris.
  5. Don’t run your battery dead

With proper maintenance, a standard lead-acid  electric golf car battery should last between about 5-7 years. More recently, lithium batteries have become available for electric golf carts. There are many advantages with a lithium battery. Primarily, lithium batteries are maintenance free, weigh less, and charge faster than traditional lead-acid. However, the cost of a lithium battery set up can be quite a bit more.

Get Your Annual Maintenance Done TODAY!

Hopefully you put your electric golf cart through a great spring and summer season. California had a particularly dry and warm year so far, and with COVID restrictions we expect that most people got their golf cars out more than usual. As the seasons change to colder and wetter weather, now is the perfect time to perform your annual golf cart maintenance. Electric Golf Car Company will do a complete front-to-back inspection to make sure there is no damage or excessive wear-and-tear. If your golf cart needs repairs or upgrades, the off-season is the perfect time to do this.


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Electric Golf Cart Maintenance Sacramento | Golf Cart Maintenance and Repair



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