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Best Custom Golf Car Ideas

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Our Favorite Golf Car Customizations

Owning your own electric golf car is already pretty cool-but to really take things up a notch you need to make it a one-of-a-kind! At Electric Golf Car Company we specialize in helping you create the golf car of your dreams! Here are our favorite ways to customize your electric golf car:

Rims and Tires

This is one of the most popular upgrades and customizations you can make to an electric golf car: rims and tires. A new set of rims and tires can change the whole look of your electric golf car-making it go from bland and boring to eye catching in one swift move.

When it comes to tires, you can go with something sleek and lo-profile if you like the “street ready” look. Alternatively, you can go with big and knobby if you like the “off-road, go-anywhere” look.

For rims, the sky is the limit. Multi-spoke, matching paint, or chrome’d out, there are all sorts of combinations that can set your golf car apart from the crowd.

Steering Wheel

An easy upgrade you can do is swap out the factory steering wheel for something custom. Seeing as how you can’t do much in your golf car without putting your hands on the wheel, this is a customization that gets you a lot of bang for your buck. Steering wheels can feature different designs, colors, and fabrics. Not only can they feel great in your hands, they can look great too.


An obvious choice to customize your electric golf car is custom paint. Many people go with bright, bold colors or a multi-tone look. To really take the look to the next level, consider matching your paint with our next favorite customization…

Interiorgolf history-custom golf cart

There are tons of ways to customize the interior of your electric golf car. First place to start? Standard golf car vinyl bench seats have GOT TO GO! Step up your custom golf car game with maybe a micro suede inlay, support seating, and headrests. Match your new material to your custom paint to make it really pop. Don’t forget to add drink holders. Next up, consider adding a custom sound system so you can crank the tunes while you cruise your cart. Other interior customizations can include custom mud mats, or even a durable rhino spray interior or diamond plating. You can even add extra seats if you need to!


In addition to the paint and rims and tires, you can really customize your electric golf car with custom body work. This can change the entire look of your golf car, even to the point where you can mimic the look of your favorite full size cars and trucks. Have you seen our HUM-G golf car?? You can also add custom golf bag holders, bumpers, light bars, hitch mounts to hold a cooler…basically anything you can imagine!

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Electric Golf Car Company is the leader in custom electric golf cars in Northern California. Our experts can help you design the perfect golf car for your needs. Additionally, our show floor features ready-made as well as refurbished options that you will love! We are also a full service maintenance center, so you can keep your golf car running like new, no matter how you use it.

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