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Best Uses for an Electric Golf Cart (Other Than Golf!)

Alternative Golf Cart Uses | Used Electric Golf Carts for Sale

Electric Golf Carts Aren’t Just for Golfers Anymore!

When it comes to alternative transportation, electric golf carts are becoming a popular choice. This extends beyond just the golf course. Electric golf cars are affordable, reliable, and have minimal maintenance. Additionally, they provide a lot of function and utility to meet different needs. They also have practically unlimited customization options, meaning there is an electric golf cart for just about any purpose you can think of! Since COVID-19, much of the country has been forced to embrace major changes in recreation and in embracing outdoor activities. In Sacramento, many people have taken to using bicycles to get around town or enjoy the outdoors. That’s great, however, we believe an electric golf car is an even better option!

Below are some of the most popular alternative golf cart uses we have seen. If you have seen any great, original uses please share them to our Facebook page!!

Electric Hunting and Fishing Cart

STAR EV Sport off road electric golf cart

The STAR EV Sport is off road ready with 7 inches of ground clearance and all terrain tires!

Here in Northern California there are a lot of open spaces for hunting and fishing. While ATV’s used to be the first choice of backcountry transportation, more and more people are discovering how great a modified electric golf cart can be instead. For starters, one of the biggest differences is that an ATV is gas powered. Sure, gas power has some advantages over electric. However, gas motors require more maintenance. Another big difference with a gas motor is NOISE! ATV’s are loud, which is generally counterproductive when you are trying to experience nature. An electric golf cart is extremely quiet, and still very capable on most trails.

You can outfit your low speed vehicle or electric golf car with all terrain tires, a lift kit, upgraded suspension, push bars, and additional storage and seating options to make it “backcountry ready”. There are even options for gun racks, coolers, and improved lighting. The only limits are your imagination (and your budget…).

Farming and Gardening

Agriculture is a big deal in the Sacramento Valley. There are even a lot of “amateur” farmers that are doing their part to be self sustaining on their property. A modified electric golf cart is the perfect tool to help with farming and gardening. With an electric golf cart you have an affordable, low maintenance vehicle to get around your property. It can also be modified to carry everything from large bags of soil to chicken feed to tools. Adding off road tires and suspension will help ensure that you will be able to get to where you need to.

Club Car Carryall series has a wealth of options designed for any job

Club Car has an excellent series of modified electric golf carts that a designed with utility and function in mind. You can order cargo boxes, flat beds, or van boxes to suit any job. Additional options include bucket holders, tool boxes, ladder racks, and even a leaf blower holder! Club Car has really thought of everything you might need for your farm, landscaping, or gardening activities.

Personal Transportation

Finally, one of our favorite alternative uses for an electric golf cart is personal transportation! Granted, you need to make sure your cart is street legal first (classified as a low speed vehicle), but cruising through the neighborhood to grab groceries or coffee at the local shop is just a little better in a zero emission, quiet and smooth, custom golf car. Some neighborhoods are actually designed to be golf cart friendly, which makes this an even better alternative than your car. A street legal, personal transportation golf cart has safety features like turn indicators, brake lights, and seatbelts to make sure you arrive safely. Just make sure you have  safe roads to travel on in your cart. Your street legal golf cart still has speed restrictions, and you don’t want to be interfering with traffic. Customize your cart with premier sound, accessory lighting, and custom paint, then imagine if  you were to roll up to your neighborhood bar-b-que or block party in a custom golf cart…I promise you will be the envy of the town!

Other Ways to Use an Electric Golf Cart

Other ways to use an electric golf cart for personal transportation could include shuttling conference attendees, students, or guests from a parking lot to an event center. Golf carts are also great for providing security patrol in a neighborhood, business center, campus, or shopping center. An electric golf cart makes short trips simple, quick, and convenient! You can even order an electric golf cart with 6 seats!

Time to Start Thinking Outside the (Tee) Box

As you can see, there are lots of great and practical reasons for owning an electric golf cart that have NOTHING to do with golfing! CALL ELECTRIC GOLF CAR COMPANY to come in and look at our great deals on refurbished cars, or let us help you build your own custom car.

Is buying new not your thing? Buying a used golf cart has many benefits too:

Why Buy New? Two Reasons to Buy a Used Electric Golf Cart

Electric Golf Car Company is Northern California’s premier custom golf car service center! NOW is a great time to invest in your own custom golf car, so be sure to check out our gallery or come by our show room.

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Alternative Golf Cart Uses | Electric Golf Car Company Sacramento



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