Can I drive my golf cart in Lincoln, CA?

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Driving an Electric Golf Cart in Lincoln and Rocklin

If you live in Lincoln, CA, then you should know that it is a golf cart friendly city! That is great news for people who live in the Twelve Bridges and Sun City communities. These communities are well renowned for being excellent golf course communities. However, Lincoln isn’t just about golf courses when it comes to your electric golf car. Lincoln supports golf cart and LSV/NEV use throughout the city.

What Makes Lincoln Golf Cart Friendly?

Between the years 2000 and 2010, Lincoln was the fastest growing city in the U.S. With this population boom, the city rapidly expanded and built out communities. Lincoln quickly recognized that there would be many benefits to making the city “golf cart friendly”, so in 2006, they put in place a transportation plan. This transportation plan provided the regulations and city infrastructure to accommodate the wide use of golf carts and LSV’s throughout the city, not just on the golf course.

Part of the regulations that go into being golf cart friendly are things like providing designated lanes, and changing posted speed limits. This also included having developers include electric golf cart charging stations in commercial centers. The legislation that allowed for Lincoln to be LSV/NEV friendly also applied to the neighboring city of Rocklin.

An “NEV ready” city can be defined as having the necessary infrastructure, including charging facilities, striping, signage, parking, and education to safely accommodate NEV travel.

Benefits of Using Golf Carts/LSV’s for Transportation

Lincoln and Rocklin experience the many great benefits of being golf cart friendly. These benefits include:


  • they are a convenient form of transportation for quick errands
  • LSV’s are a safer and more economical alternative to cars for teenage drivers needing to get to school
  • they are a great form of mobility for older drivers who might not be comfortable driving a car
  • their limited range provides for a greater use of community
  • they help support local business due to accessibility and proximity
  • electric golf cars are environmentally friendly
  • they have an excellent safety record
  • golf carts/LSV’s/NEV’s are more affordable than cars, and cheaper to maintain

Do You Understand the CA Laws for Electric Golf Carts and Low Speed Vehicles?

If you hope to take advantage of living in NEV ready cities like Lincoln, Rocklin, and Roseville, then make sure you understand your responsibilities to operate them legally. For example, do you know the difference between a golf car and a low speed vehicle? Do you know if DMV requires registration for your golf cart? To learn more, you can read our articles on the topic HERE and HERE.

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Electric Golf Cart Lincoln and Rocklin | Best Electric Golf Carts



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