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Electric Golf CART vs Electric Golf CAR

Electric Golf Cart vs Electric Golf Car | Electric Golf Car Company


When it comes to golf vehicles, there seems to be some debate as to what to call them. Golf “cart” seems to be the popular term, but golf “car” would actually be the correct term. Which is why we call ourselves the Electric Golf CAR Company!

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According the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), “carts” are not self propelled, “cars” are. So right there we should be able to put this debate to rest. I mean, nobody would call a Ducati a bicycle right? Even the National Golf CAR Manufacturer Association (NGCMA) agrees with the definition, and they help create standards for ANSI.


Whatever you want to call them though, it doesn’t really matter to us. As far as we are concerned, golf CARS or CARTS have less to do with GOLF these days, and more to do with fun, economical, convenient transportation…so the whole name is moot anyways! The fact is that most of our clients don’t even use their golf cars specifically for golfing. Electric golf cars are about getting from point A to point B when a full size car is inconvenient and walking is too far. Our clients range from car dealerships, to restaurants, even to bars, providing their clients or staff with a simple way to get around quickly.


The real fun when it comes to your electric golf car, however, is customizing it! Custom electric golf cars and golf carts are our specialty. From one of a kind body work, interior upgrades, and custom paint, Electric Golf Car Company is Northern California’s premier dealer for new and used golf cars. Our team of electric golf car experts will work with you to give your electric golf car the perfect look. Of course, Electric Golf Car Company is here for all your electric golf car maintenance and repair needs too.

We hope this shed some light on the electric golf CART vs electric golf CAR debate and helped you learn the proper terminology. Like we said though, we don’t really care what you call it, as long as you CALL ELECTRIC GOLF CAR COMPANY when you’re ready for your very own!

Electric Golf Cart vs Electric Golf Car | Electric Golf Car Company

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