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Golf Cart Laws California

Golf Cart Laws in California | Electric Golf Car Company Sacramento

Is Your Electric Golf Cart Street Legal in California?? Read on to Make Sure You Know the Law!

Electric golf carts have grown in popularity in the last few years. No longer are they just for golf courses, but are used for many other reasons. Some people use an electric golf cart for transportation over short distances. Some businesses use them for moving equipment. Electric golf carts are fun to drive, easy to maintain, and convenient. But are they legal where you live?

This article will look at some of the golf cart laws in California so that you aren’t caught off guard in your electric golf car!

California Defines Electric Golf Cart

We looked at Low Speed Vehicles in THIS ARTICLE. Low Speed Vehicles are considered slightly different than an electric golf cart. Here is the California DMV definition of an electric golf cart:


  1. Carry no more than 2 people, including the driver
  2. Carry golf equipment
  3. Have no less than 3 wheels in contact with the ground
  4. Operate at a MAXIMUM speed of 15 mph
  5. Weigh no more than 1,300 pounds empty

*Registration is NOT required if you operate your golf cart on a highway designated for such use by ordinance or resolution within one mile of a golf course.

*You MAY NOT operate on a road with a speed limit above 25 mph except by ordinance or resolution by local authority.

As you can tell, golf cart laws in California are very specific! It is very important that you understand the local laws as they apply to your electric golf cart. There are some communities that are designed with consideration to electric golf car use, so the local use laws may be slightly different.

Another really important California law about golf carts states that:

A golf cart cannot be converted for registration purpose as an NEV/LSV. If you modify your golf cart to go faster than 15 mph or seat more than two persons, the vehicle is considered a regular motor vehicle and must comply with FMVSS for passenger vehicles.

Simple Rule to Understand

The key take away is that if you are using your electric golf car for the golf course, then you don’t need to register it. Just be sure that you follow the driving laws and that you don’t modify your electric golf cart.

If you wish to use your electric golf cart for on-road use in California (meaning driving it somewhere other than a golf course, for example), then there are rules you must follow. Some of these rules require safety modifications to your electric golf cart. You will also need to register it for on-road use.

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Golf Cart Laws in California | Electric Golf Car Company Sacramento



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