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Is This the Best Electric Golf Cart? Evolution Forester Sacramento

Best Electric Golf Cart Sacramento | Evolution Forester 4

The EVolution Forester 4 Brings a TON of Features at a Great Value!

If you are in the market for a new electric golf cart, you have a lot of options. Many people are familiar with golf course brands, like EZ-GO and Club Cart. However, there are new to the market manufacturers too. One manufacturer getting a lot of attention is EVolution. EVolution creates golf cars with premier features and modern design. Additionally, they provide this at an exceptional value.

The EVolution Mission

According to their website, the EVolution mission statement is:

“From the factory’s tools to the car’s components, the Evolution is fundamentally different from traditional golf carts. Everything in the design is based on extensive usability research, and golf professionals have worked closely together with the team to optimize every detail and feature. The Evolution is essentially created according to the user’s needs.”

EVolution is basically designing their golf cars around the needs and features most useful to the end user. Additionally, EVolution understands that today’s golf carts aren’t just for the golf course. That is to say, consumers want features and comfort, as well as utility.

Is the EVolution Forester 4 the Best New Golf Cart?

One of the most popular EVolution models is the Forester 4. The Forester 4 falls under the “Personal” line of EVolution cars. This means that it is a DOT approved LSV (Low Speed Vehicle). An LSV is slightly different than a standard golf cart. As a DOT approved LSV, the Forester is equipped with the safety features required to be able to drive it outside of a golf course. The Forester 4 is designed to hold 4 riders. Two in the cab and two on the back.

DOT Safety Features include:

  • Drum brakes for improved stopping
  • Front windshield
  • DOT seatbelts
  • headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals
  • rearview mirror
  • speedometer
  • DOT approved for a VIN number

Additional DOT safety features are also available. This includes upgrades like 2 point seatbelts, aluminum wheels, functional front and rear bumpers, and more.

The Forester 4 has all the safety upgrades to meet DOT standards. Additionally, this golf car comes with high-end, user-focused features.

EVolution Forester Features include:

  • Powder coated steel chassis for longer life
  • Functional external lighting for improved visibility
  • Luxury two-tone seats
  • Brush guard
  • Rear seat kit with trunk and cup holders
  • 48V Lithium battery option

Best Electric Golf Cart Options

Electric Golf Car company often features highly upgraded EVolution cars for sale. That is to say, if you want a top of the line LSV loaded with features, come see us! Right now we have a top of the line EVolution Forester 4 with these amazing upgrades:

EVolution Forester 4 BRAND NEW JUST $9,999!!!

  • TPO injection molding
  • Lithium ion 110ah battery
  • 48V AC motor
  • Curtis AC programmable controller with regenerative braking
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • USB ports
  • Backup camera
  • Touchscreen console
  • Upgraded steering wheel
  • Extended black roof
  • Custom 14″ wheels and tires
  • Extended warranty


Electric Golf Car Company is Northern California’s premier custom golf car service center! NOW is a great time to invest in your own custom golf car, so be sure to check out our gallery or come by our show room.

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Best Electric Golf Cart Sacramento | Evolution Forester 4



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