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SIRIUS STAR EV: Is This the Best Electric Golf Cart?

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An Overview of the Impressive STAR EV SIRIUS Golf Car

Choosing the best electric golf car can be overwhelming. Most people are at least familiar with the standard E-Z-Go carts you rent at the local golf course. By necessity, these types of rental golf carts are pretty “stock and standard” without a lot of features.

However, there is a lot more to offer when you start looking for a personal electric golf car or low speed vehicle. These days, the options for an electric golf cart can be as vast and impressive as what you would find going actual car shopping!best electric golf cart SIRIUS

Electric Golf Car Company in Sacramento has been selling the very best in new and custom golf carts and low speed vehicles for years. Our goal is to make sure our customers understand their choices and options. Budget, of course, is important too. When it comes to electric golf cars, you need to understand that just like in the auto industry, there is a balance between quality, features, and price in different brands. Mercedes vs Toyota for example.

When it comes to STAR EV, we would put them more on the “Mercedes” of golf cars side. Here is a quick review of the features on their very impressive SIRIUS model.

SIRIUS: Extraordinary Elegance in a Golf Car

This is a new model to the STAR EV family and was essentially designed new from top-to-bottom. This is different than some brands that refurbish fleet golf cars for resale. In designing the SIRIUS, STAR EV thought of just about everything an owner wants in today’s low speed vehicle. They have really elevated what one can expect in a top of the line low speed vehicle.

The first thing to understand about the SIRIUS is that it is classified as a “low speed vehicle”. This means that it has been designed with certain safety features not typically found in a “golf car”, which allow it to travel on public roads, in accordance with state and federal regulations. Additionally, as a low speed vehicle, it can has a higher top speed.

These safety features include:

  • LED headlights with daytime running lights and high beams
  • self cancelling LED turn signals on side mirrors
  • STAR EV SIRIUS low speed vehicleheadlights, taillights, turn indicators, and hazard lights
  • A powerful AC motor and 8 batteries for power, speed, and range

What we really care about, of course, is what’s inside the SIRIUS. Designed with driver ergonomics in mind, the SIRIUS is loaded with comfort and convenience features, as well as performance.

Interior features and accessories include:

  • Full color digital dash display
  • locking glove box
  • adjustable seat backs
  • tinted, folding windshield
  • center console with 4 cup holders
  • ball and tee holder
  • LED lights STAR SIRIUS12V outlet
  • ambient dash lighting
  • locking front trunk with built-in insulated, drainable cooler

The digital display is really great and truly makes you feel realize that you are in a premium low speed vehicle. However, the most important thing about the SIRIUS, in terms of making it the premier low speed vehicle on the market, is the build quality and performance features. This really sets it apart from other brands which invest in great accessories, but save money on performance and build.

Performance and build features include:

  • aluminum roof supports for maximum strength, durability, and corrosion resistance
  • AC motor with 8 6V batteries for maximum range and power
  • QDS* Drive System allows the SIRIUS to handle hills and grades easily, while running quietly
  • Race-inspired chassis with double wishbone independent suspension for superior ride
  • low/high speed switch in the cab to accommodate the golf course

Throw into the mix 12″ machined rims, 8 paint color options, and a bagwell and basket on the back, and the SIRIUS is ready to roll! But STAR EV doesn’t stop there! Those are all standard features on the SIRIUS, if you can believe it.

There are a TON of great upgrades, including:

  • 14″ tires and rims
  • Industrial strobe light
  • Back-up cam
  • Premium seats
  • Full cab enclosures
  • Rear LED brake light bar
  • club protector
  • 2+2 option
  • lift kit

One of the Best Electric Golf Carts Available

As you can see, the attention to detail, build, and features, makes the STAR EV SIRIUS one of the best golf carts you can buy today. For more details you can visit their website,or better yet, CALL ELECTRIC GOLF CAR COMPANY to come in and test drive a SIRIUS TODAY!!

We keep it simple at Sacramento’s Electric Golf Car Company. If custom upgrades and affordability are your priority, then come check out our used and refurbished electric golf carts TODAY. You won’t be disappointed with your options, prices, and service!

Is buying new not your thing? Buying a used golf cart has many benefits too:

Why Buy New? Two Reasons to Buy a Used Electric Golf Cart

Electric Golf Car Company is Northern California’s premier custom golf car service center! NOW is a great time to invest in your own custom golf car, so be sure to check out our gallery or come by our show room.

To learn more keep checking back with Electric Golf Car Company’s Golf Car Guru! And follow us on social media for all the latest news, articles, and available golf cars!

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