2020 STAR Sirius STAR EV



The all-new SIRIUS ® from STAR EV ® delivers extraordinary elegance. Unlike other brands that re-purpose fleet cars, we set out to design the perfect personal transportation vehicle. Craving luxury, elegance, and performance in your new golf cart? Look no further. The all-new SIRIUS® from STAR EV® combines all those features and more into a stylish all-electric golf cart. Unlike other brands, STAR EV® redefines performance luxury by designing the perfect personal vehicle.


  • Pearl White Color, Trojan Batteries ( Best in class for batteries), Folding tinted windshield, Rear fold down seat kit with storage compartment, Side mirrors w/ turn signals indicators, Adjustable seat backs, Adjustable rear seats, USB 12v, DC/DC Converter 48-12v, Self-canceling turn signals
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Full-color display: speedometer, odometer, & battery indicator
  • Ambient, interior dash lighting
  • Locking front trunk and glove box
  • Longest range PTV
  • Race-inspired chassis and suspension
  • LED headlights and taillights, high/low beams
  • Conquer hills faster
  • AC motor with generous torque and superior speed
  • Longest range PTV
  • Four year limited warranty, two year bumper to bumper warranty